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"The British would never think of using a shotgun for hunting or sport, which was not perfectly and expertly fitted to each individual's dimensions." - Dale Tate 
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Dale Tate Custom Gun Fitting
Just as everyone cannot wear the same suit of clothes, neither can everyone shoot the same average production stock shotgun. Shooting a moving target with a shotgun is totally different than shooting stationary targets with a handgun or rifle. The shotgun requires the shooter to point shoot at the target and not aim. The shooter points the shotgun at the moving clay target. The target is the focus and not the sights on the shotgun. The shotgun needs to be fitted (adjusted) to fit the shooter so that when the shooter mounts the gun they are properly and consistently pointing the gun at the target. 

Stock alterations must be performed to precise measurements for each individual shooter.  Dale Tate is able to not only establish a person's exact gun measurement, but then fit each individual with her/her unique and exact fit. Through the use of a special "try gun" and "patterning board," he can establish and record an individual's gun measurements.  Dale is able to "bend" a wood stock using the English hot oil method. He can also adjust the comb and pitch, lengthen the stock with wood or recoil pads, and shorten the stock to an individual's exact specification. 

Once a shooter has a custom-fit shotgun, Dale will instruct the person on proper shooting techniques needed to improve their individual field and sport shooting skill. With a properly fitting shotgun and correct shooting techniques, a shooter can dramatically improve one's "score" and "enjoyment."

To get started, make an appointment with Dale Tate. Review your needs with him and determine if the fitting will fit your budget. Keep in mind that the gun fitting is an art that needs to be done properly by a professional trained in fitting you to your shotgun and making you a better shooter.  Pricing is dependent on the amount and difficulty of adjustment and the number of guns being fitted.  Each gun fitting includes your written measurements which can be used to fit future guns.

Gun Fitting Terms
The majority of gun fitting modifications are made to the stock of the shotgun. These include:

Length of Pull – distance from trigger to middle of the butt

Length at Heel – distance from trigger to heel of or bottom of butt

Length at Toe – distance from trigger to toe or top of butt

Cheek Height on top of the stock

Heel Height on shoulder

Cast Off – the bend that is made on the stock where it is connected to the gun

"Your measurements are unique and can be applied to every shotgun you own or plan to purchase."
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